Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From the people to the creatives

Yes we are up and producing the actual images for the library project.  The steel sheets have been cut, sanded down cleaned, ground coated and cover coated. Whew!!! Oh yeah that's all before we start the artwork for this project.  We have somewhere around 30 metal plates for this project.  Our next process is determining the images and ideas that are critical in the inclusion process from the community engagement events.  Those drawings we received from the public are critical to sharing the community vision and Boise.  Very exciting,  the critique, discussion about perception, color, design and combination of styles are hours of discussion and diplomacy.  

Ta Coumba and christopheraaron are working long hours to determine what represents the neighborhood best without dis re guarding any previous sketches and considering all areas of progression.  We thought about youth and playfulness ( the checkered pattern entered the conversation as play, checkers.... get it).  This was on of the first things we discussed but to allow images to be abedetrous and play more than one role in several areas, then the checkers also became and extension of water.

Stay updated with us we will likely post a new update next week as well, thank you.

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